On Target Drilling Limited is a directional drilling specialist company.
Originally established and co-founded in 1999 by Chris Morris and Bryce Lehndorf.

We pride ourselves on our extensive experience, with highly qualified staff who are knowledgeable, qualified and experienced in all aspects of drilling.

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Directional Drilling

Directional Drilling (Horizontal Drilling) allows for drilling under existing services with trenchless boring which means sewer, stormwater, commercial power, telephone, gas and water can be positioned under existing services.

Major Sewer & Water Work

On Target Drilling Limited provides specialist sewer and water solutions servicing, cleaning and maintaining any type of water systems.

UFB Cable Laying

UFB cable laying is one of our specialities and with an exceptional reputation in this service we have delivered to Vision Stream, OTD, Vector and Northpower.


With modern equipment and trained personnel, we are able to deliver exceptional results for all your trenching needs.

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On Target Drilling Limited is one of the most reliable drilling specialists in Auckland.

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